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Little Operating System (in ASM)


sorry, too much time demanding for one man

Litos is "Little Operating System". It arose as attempt to create little fast operating system not so robust as other operating systems, maximal simple and withal complex. It is written in 386 assembler using NASM compiler.

Litos system is at present time only unfunctional VERY pre-version under developing, but it can serve as source for other programmers. More-less finished parts: Initialization of real mode, initialization of protected mode, A20 initialization, CPU detection (precise frequency detection), HD initialization, APM initialization, memory initialization, spin-lock, read/write lock, random generator (extensive), list, tree list, system memory allocator (fast), calendar (using Julian date), time (precise), scheduler, IRQ, DMA, Red-black tree, semaphore, alarm, keyboard and display driver, console, Unicode, code pages, VGA fonts, console, VT102 terminal emulator, floppy disk driver, Text, Unicode.

Download Litos source code (1 MB)

Screen shots

CPU instruction timmings (measure your own PC)

Guide to the Litos - Průvodce systémem Litos (sorry, only in Czech at present time) (aktualizováno 1.10.2009 >> ČESKY <<)

To use Litos - install Bochs emulator, copy it into EMUL folder and test with E.BAT. If you want to create bootable diskette you can use INSTALL.COM or you can create bootable CD using Nero and EMUL\BOOTSECT.IMA disk image.

>>> Last in progress: Drivers <<<

Last updated: 10/1/2009 (last updated: TIMER driver)

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